Mauricio Bustamante


Mauricio Bustamante began his acting career in his native Mexico City at the age of twelve, working on live television with the greats of the Spanish speaking world. He has acted professionally in the United States since 1967.

Mauricio studied with Lee Strasberg starting in 1973, and has been part of the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Faculty since 1994. Has toured nationally in a variety of starring roles that have given him coast to coast critical acclaim. In NYC, he has appeared in New York Shakespeare Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, Repertorio Espanol, Teatro LATEA and Multi Stages. Currently, Mauricio is acting in a number of film projects with established directors from Japan, Israel, US, Spain and Mexico. He is a member of MENSA International, an international high IQ Society.

Harry Oram

Harry has over 15 years working professionally as an actor in the theatre, film and television industry.Harry studied at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute in New York where he studied under Mauricio and some of the best teachers in the world. He has performed in Film and TV in the US, UK and Asia. 

Harry became a teacher at IAFT in Hong Kong and founded an acting studio and theatre company, Third Culture Theatricals. He also founded and directed the Third Culture Film Festivals and was a patron of Shakespeare in the Park, HK.
He left London in 2020 where his performance was cut short because of COVID, to return to New Zealand. Now based in Tauranga he has been teaching here for the past year.

Committed to the Bay of Plenty, he is very excited to share his experiences and knowledge with the growing cultural and entertainment sector here.

Elizabeth Montesena

I was born in Hong Kong and am married to a Kiwi/English husband. My parents were both Filipinos but lived most of their lives in Shanghai before the Second World War then moved to Hong Kong in 1952. We belong to a very multi-cultural family – our siblings and children all married to foreigners.My husband, Matthew, and I frequently visited The Mount since 1988 and now is my home.

I have experienced running an independent film festival and theatre company in Hong Kong, but recognise that Tauranga has just as much opportunity for success, if not more. Especially now that the world is looking to adapt to a “post-COVID” world, Tauranga has the chance to make a big contribution to New Zealand becoming a creative hub, developing entertainment for the rest of the world.

Dhaivat Mehta
Film Director/Writer

Dhaivat Mehta is a film-maker, poet and musician, who studied at Idyllwild Arts Academy, Columbia College Chicago and NY Film Academy.

He has been involved in various capacities in film production and screenwriting, including commercials, short films and features.

Most recently he was involved with the production of “3 girls” through Film BOP. Along with film-making he has also been involved in organising poetry events throughout Tauranga, as well as the alternative bands “Legion Of Dissent” & “Tryptofunk”