If we cannot see the possibility of greatness, how can we dream it?

-Lee Strasberg


Ever had a great idea for a movie?

Have a great idea already but don’t know how to get it down on paper?

Have you started writing down a story, but struggle to finish it?

Then maybe this is the class for you..

Our 8 week course will teach you how to write a script or play from start to finish. You will learn about archetype characters. Story themes. Genres. We will be reading some of our work out in class, so you can get instant feedback and hear out loud how your story sounds as we bring your characters to life. We will look and break down some famous works, so you can learn from the masters and how they did it. In our Term 4 Classes –  we will partner up with the actors to write scenes for them.

This class is perfect for new actors who want to learn a complete technique that will give them the tools for any acting situation, wether they are on stage, in a Commerical, a Film or TV; for the rest of their careers.

It is a great class for people who want to give acting a try. The class is designed to be inclusive so that people new to acting can watch and learn from veteran actors.

This is also the class for adept actors who have tried a variety of styles but are still looking for a technique to elevate their work.

Finally, for the veteran actors. This will always be a space where they are welcome to come and brush up on their technique. Practice a scene that they are working on. Network. Or just need to refresh. Like all masters who teach a craft, Strasberg believed that we are always learning.

Soon the school will offer a Membership so that alumni and veteran actors can drop into a class and so always have access to a space where they can learn, practice and be surrounded by likeminded artists .

“The actor creates within his own flesh and blood, all those things which all the arts try in some way to describe.”

Want to learn how to act on film?

Unlike our Method class, this class is focused on learning technique for film and practicing in front of camera. All our classes will be filmed, so you can practice your technique from multiple angles, and learn by watching the playback. This class is perfect for anyone who already has some acting experience but wants to get more experience on camera. Also suitable for those new to acting, we do recommend the Method class to take before or as well, to give them a strong foundation in acting techniq

“All the world’s a stage.”    

Our 8-week Shakespeare class is designed to go through 3 of Shakespeare’s works per term. We will be reading the works together as a class, taking it in turn to read out and sometimes perform some sections. We will stop and start the scenes so we can break down the meaning of the text. 

By performing and reading the work together, our students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bard and his texts. This is an excellent class for any students who are studying Shakespeare at school but are struggling to connect with the text.The texts we cover are also subject to requests, especially if it matches the curriculums of our student’s schools.

Needs Content.

Stage and Film Combat is perfect for anyone wishing to explore their inner-action star.”Combat” is anything from fighting, to any form of potentially aggressive but choreographed physical contact between two actors.Although this doesn’t cover STUNTS (we hope to add this to our curriculum in the near future), we teach the acting and reacting that any action actor would need to pull off a good action scene.Our team will help instruct, write, choreograph, film and edit fun “fight” sequences for our actors to learn, perform and playback. We will learn different types of genres: choreography for comedy and comedy for drama. 

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