If we cannot see the possibility of greatness, how can we dream it?

-Lee Strasberg

2022 Classes

At Apex Academy, we celebrate Original Content. No matter if you’re writing for stage or screen, we will support you develop your writing style, and encourage you to have your scripts ‘performance ready’ because each term, our students are given fresh scripts to perform.

We encourage all of our writers to attend our method acting classes, to learn what the actors do in relation to interpreting your scripts.  Our writers have sometimes fined tuned their scripts  ‘on the spot’ to help deliver the true intention of their work.

There is nothing better than seeing your work ‘acted’ live or captured on film.  If you have any questions, feel free to drop into one of our classes or send us an email – info@apexacademy.co.nz 

Method Acting is one of the most respected techniques an actor can master.  Apex Academy is the only school in the Tauranga to offer the Strasberg Method Acting Technique, taught by Apex Founder, Harry Oram.


Whether you’re new to acting or a career actor, Method Acting gives you the ability to confidently portray your character by developing your own unique style based on your experiences.

At Apex Academy, we welcome all actors to come ‘hang out’ for a class to refresh your skills and to reconnect with a technique that the likes of Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, and more recently, Lady Gaga, Christian Bale and Charlize Theron use in being some of the most reputable actors today.

All Apex Academy students, past, current and future, will always be a part of the Apex family, and are welcome to join the Apex Academy Alumni membership.  To find out more, simply drop us an email – info@apexacademy.co.nz


Film making is an art form and a career all rolled up in one and at Apex Academy we produce movies, whether short film or feature films each year, meaning that if you’re one of our students, you will receive advance notice of auditions before anyone else.

Directors like working with trained and responsive actors therefore as an Apex student we will help you to master your craft so that with confidence, you’re ready for auditions, screen tests, script readings, and much more.


We also encourage film students to attend method acting to be able to master any character that they’re asked to play.  If you have any questions or would like to visit a film class, drop us an email info@apexacademy.co.nz with any questions you may have.


“All the world’s a stage.”    

Shakespeare is one of the foundations of stage acting that helps you, the actor, to master your craft while performing the works of William Shakespeare both in class and in our Annual “Summer of Shakespeare” performance.

Some schools, both formal and recreational choose not to learn Shakespeare, however, if you are serious about your stage and film career, playing an iconic character such as King Lear, or Juliet albeit challenging, once conquered, your belief in your own ability will flourish.

Our founder, Harry Oram has played many Shakespearean characters in London, New York and in Hong Kong, and is currently one of the judges for the NZ Shakespearean Competition 2022.  From his teaching students, both young and older are able to perform each character with a complete understanding of the story behind the play.

If you’re a Shakespeare fan, and want to learn how to play one of your favourite characters, or if you want to add Shakespeare to your repertoire, send us an email – info@apexacademy.co.nz

Learning how to perform Combat moves safely on stage or on film requires training.  What we all see in the movies takes hours of choreography so that no one gets hurt or injured.

Combat for Stage & Film helps all actors, irrespective of gender, to write, choreograph, rehearse, and perform fight scenes safely and to also ‘make it look real’ to the audience while adding impact to a performance.

When performed in a class setting, skilled and trained professionals help students to learn correct techniques for both stage and film.  Something as simple as a slap, a drag across the floor, or a fall, is skilfully choreographed to help all actors in the scene to perform it like a ‘pro’.

This is not STUNT work, but if you master Combat for Stage & Film, you will be able to add this to your list of skills as your grow throughout your career.  If you require more information, we’d love to answer your questions – info@apexacademy.co.nz

Contact Us: info@apexacademy.co.nz