Sharin Shaik

Harry is a passionate and energetic coach who inspires his students to be their best. He gives great feedback which help you to dig deeper and get a better understanding of the character so that you can improve as an actor. He created a safe space for me to be vulnerable, honest, free, and explore my expression as an actor in front of my coursemates and an audience. Being naturally shy person, coaching with Harry has helped me to come out of my shell and break down some of my own barriers. I really enjoyed the learning process and I grew quickly as an actor in the time that we trained together. With talent for directing, I feel like Harry really sees into every person’s unique gifts and potential and helps bring them out into the light 

Hoete Mitai-Ngata

I just wanted to say how greatful I am for attending Harry Oram’s acting classes last term. I haven’t been to many classes but I can definitely say it was the best acting class I had ever done to date. Harry is a fantastic teacher who was very welcoming, approachable and very knowledgeable in what he does. I loved how passionate he was with each members scenes and being able to directly give feedback on how to improve our performance and push the boundaries. I loved every minute of these classes and highly recommended them to anybody who are keen to learn the art of acting and theatre. 

Matia Mitai

Harry is an amazing acting teacher who is very passionate about the industry. It was crazy how much gold nuggets he would drop in every class I attended – Not only on how to win in this industry but on how to win in life as well. What I enjoyed immensely was the fact that he really encouraged me to push my boundaries and go beyond what I think I was capable of as a beginner actor.
I would definitely without a doubt recommend his classes if you’re a beginner actor like myself, or an advance actor like many of my classmates who attended. I am very grateful for his teachings and his way of teaching. I have learnt way more than I intended. 
Thank you Harry!